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Author:  R. Viswanathan.

In the ancient Tamil literature innumerable books rule the field. In Saiva faith, among the Sivanadiyaars who promoted the cult of  Dharma following the Shiva way, the  important ones are the Nayanmars. Even though they  belonged to different  castes, such as, Velaalar, Vedhiar, Vedar,  Vendhar, Vanihar, Vannaar, Kurunila  Mannar, Kuyavar, Marutthuvar,  Maaviradhar, Bhaanar, Chaanaar, Saaliyar, Sekkar, Sivayogiyar, Sembadavar, Idayar, Irumoovar,  they were all united in the Shiva cult.  In the Puraana kaavyam of Sekkizhar one  can find a   narration of their lives in a  variety of  emotional feelings,  heart melting situations and in the background of Devotional flavour, captivating  one’s senses.                    530 Pages      -      Rs.300/-

The Divine Saiva Nayanmars