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Author:  R. Viswanathan

Rāmayanam is a veritable proof that even if god Himself is pushed to a compulsion of incarnating as a human, He strives to live in accordance with the natural instincts and behaviour characteristic of a human being to establish the tenets of dharma. Soulful approach to god is possible to us only through the language familiar to us. The rendering of Vālmiki’s Rāmayana, re-synthesised by Kamban in his lyrics in Tamil has now been presented in this book of Sundara Kāndam in English prose, for the benefit of English readers, in an easily readable structured form, preserving the outpourings of the scenes in the best manner possible in a stirring narration, to bring out the full flavour of reading the original verses. Sundara Kāndam is verily the elixir for remedy from all evils and ills, even for these modern times.                      

SundaraKandam In KambaRamayanam In English